Access, ability & wellbeing

Carter Newell Lawyers understand the importance of not only providing access and opportunities for people with illness or disability, but to also ensure all staff experience a culture built on support and respect so they can successfully contribute and flourish in all aspects.

The firm has had an established Disability Support Program since 1999 and has provided an opportunity for a number of staff to flourish in an office environment. Our commitment was recognised in 2021 when the firm won the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI) Diversity Award for Disability Employment.

Carter Newell cares about the wellbeing of all staff and supports individuals to create successful work and life integration to thrive in both their personal and professional lives. The firm encourages open conversations and supports healthy mental health.

The firm has ten accredited Mental Health First Aid Officers, with an officer in each Carter Newell Office.

The firm continues to develop our MH program across all offices which includes coaching around having open conversations, and also executive coaching to support healthy mental health where applicable.

Carter Newell holds regular events each year to support wellbeing, including: