Gender equality

Our focus has always been on providing an environment where all genders have the opportunity to thrive.

Gender equality is important in all areas of the business, including equal access to opportunities, a culture that rewards and recognises employees equally.

  • Women on CN Board - 15%
  • Women in CN Partnership - 27%
  • Women in Senior Management - 40%
  • Women with the firm - 70%

Promotions across all offices in 2021 were 66% female.

The firm’s commitment to gender equality is supported by a firm funded CN Parental Leave Policy offering parental payments after 12 months service, a Working Parents Toolkit as well as coaching, mentoring and networking opportunities.

The firm has adopted and supports the Law Council Equitable Briefing initiative.

Women networks continue to be influential in the firm across a range of industries. Each year the firm celebrates International Women’s’ Day (IWD).