Liability for Air Operators - Sydney

Aug 2016 |

This seminar will focus on Air Operators and their liability both for, and to, pilots. Operators have a number of available options to engage the services of a pilot, but in doing so and depending on the legal structure chosen, their risk profile to liability can dramatically alter.

Glenn Biggs, Partner and Shannon O'Hara, Senior Associate will analyse and discuss:

  • Losses to third parties, the pilot, and the insurance policy response;
  • Analyse the different legal models, ranging from an employed pilot, to a self-employed or contracted pilot, and the key contract terms; and
  • The permutations of this risk profile when claims against the operator arise for operator negligence, pilot error or when the aircraft fails as a result of the operator, LAME or manufacturer.


Thursday 18 August 2016, 5pm for 5.15pm start


The Portside Centre
Level 6
Symantec House
207 Kent Street


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