Ethics in a digital world - Sydney

Special Counsel Nola Pearce is presenting on ethics in a digital world as part of Television Education Network's compulsory topic session for professionals.

Social media is undoubtedly becoming a common marketing tool for law firms, but using it improperly can have detrimental effects on lawyers and their firms. Could your Facebook profile be assessed in determining whether you are of good character? When does your Instagram marketing outside the courtroom fail to be ethical? This session unpacks the problems for practitioners and provides practical advice to avoid ethics breaches.  It covers:

  • Professional responsibility and digital marketing use – ethical duties and parameters
  • When are posts on social media inappropriate? Courtroom photos and other examples
  • “Live chats” and free 15 minute online advices  - the ethical imperatives in the digital age
  • When could your social media use bring the profession into disrepute?
  • Social media and unintended lawyer/client relationships
  • Social media and the risk of disclosure of confidential information
  • Social media content – ensuring accuracy or don’t use it at all
  • Ethical obligations in your social media policies and guidelines

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