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Reference Article title
ILG001 Injury Liability Gazette 1st Edition
ILG002 Injury Liability Gazette 2nd Edition
ILG003 Injury Liability Gazette 3rd Edition
ILG004 Injury Liability Gazette 4th Edition
ILG005 Injury Liability Gazette 5th Edition
ILG006 Injury Liability Gazette 6th Edition
ILG007 Injury Liability Gazette 7th Edition
ILG008 Injury Liability Gazette 8th Edition
ILG009 Injury Liability Gazette 9th Edition
ILG010 Injury Liability Gazette 10th Edition
ILG011 Injury Liability Gazette 11th Edition
ILG012 Injury Liability Gazette 12th Edition
ILG013 Injury Liability Gazette 13th Edition
MMG001 Medical Malpractice Gazette 1st edition
MMG001 Medical Malpractice Gazette 2nd edition
PLGz001 Professional and Management Liability Gazette 1st Edition
PLGz002 Professional and Management Liability Gazette 2nd Edition
PLGz003 Professional and Management Liability Gazette 3rd Edition
PLGz004 Professional and Management Liability Gazette 4th Edition
PLGz005 Professional and Management Liability Gazette 5th Edition
PLGz006 Professional and Management Liability Gazette 6th edition
PLGz007 Professional and Management Liability Gazette 7th edition
PLGz008 Professional and Management Liability Gazette 8th edition
PLG001 Professional Liability Guide 1st Edition
PG001 Property and Real Estate Gazette 1st Edition
PG002 Property and Real Estate Gazette 2nd Edition
PG003 Property and Real Estate Gazette 3rd Edition
PG004 Property and Real Estate Gazette 4th Edition
PG005 Property and Real Estate Gazette 5th edition
WAG001 Workplace Relations Gazette 1st Edition
WAG002 Workplace Relations Gazette 2nd Edition
WAG003 Workplace Relations Gazette 3rd Edition
WAG004 Workplace Advisory Gazette 4th Edition
WAG005 Workplace Advisory Gazette 5th Edition
WAG006 Workplace Advisory Gazette 6th edition


Reference Article title
P0001 "Can I be sent to jail?" Workplace health and safety laws - the liability of executive officers and the potential cost of prosecutions to business
P0002 "Get out of my space!" Activities on social networking sites CAN lead to the termination of employment
P0003 "Watt" do you mean I can't claim? No licence, no pay for engineering and electrical work under BCIPA
P0004 (Webinar) COVID-19 and employment related claims: An analysis of emerging trends and insurance considerations
P0005 ‘Cramped’ plaintiff fails in claim against Qantas
P0006 ‘Eyes in the Sky’ - an Australian Government inquiry into remotely piloted aircraft, air safety and privacy
P0007 ‘There is no oil shale’ - Queensland Court of Appeal upholds rejection of application for exploration permit
P0008 ‘Volenti’, a Legal Maxim Sometimes Forgotten
P0009 192 reasons to check your aggregation clause - NSW Court decision considers aggregate claims
P0010 2 years on - A review of the Anti-Bullying Jurisdiction of the Fair Work Commission
P0011 200,000 PPSR registrations to expire by 30 January 2019 - is yours one of them?
P0012 2015 rings in changes to the FOS Terms of Reference
P0013 3 things you need to know about AFCA and ASIC post-Royal Commission
P0014 A balcony collapse: who is liable?
P0015 A blameless plaintiff does not automatically make defendants liable
P0016 A defendant scores a win against the Victorian WorkCover Authority
P0017 A facelift for the Insurance Contracts Act but section 54 avoids the knife
P0018 A Further Win for Commercial Sales Agent in the Court of Appeal
P0019 A guide to Directors' and Officers' Liability and Insurance Guide (2nd edition)
P0020 A guide to food poisoning claims
P0021 A guide to the new data breach laws
P0022 A late-night-fall trial results in common sense win in Supreme Court
P0023 A Leg Up or No Leg to Stand On? At Long Last; Judicial Consideration of LEG 2
P0024 A new avenue for land access disputes? Queensland to introduce Land Access Ombudsman
P0025 A new regime for landholder compensation?
P0026 A new regulation introduced in Queensland further develops the statutory approach to combating combustible cladding risks
P0027 A new way of managing land access in Queensland
P0028 A Refresher course on the Disclosure of Benefits
P0029 A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss - The Slippery Path of Adjudication Applications
P0030 A significant evidentiary omission results in a finding of an insignificant risk of harm
P0031 A triumph for clear drafting Court of Appeal refuses to imply a reasonable care standard to an absolute compliance condition
P0032 A two part series: Make Good Agreements and new obligations under the Water Act
P0033 A weighty issue
P0034 A win for commercial property managers in the Court of Appeal
P0035 Access to directors and officers’ policies - the emerging rights of shareholders
P0036 Additional Foreign Acquirers Duty - Does it apply to you?
P0037 Admit to obvious errors, or risk a finding of deceit with indemnity costs
P0038 Advanced Commercial Litigation Conference - Melbourne
P0039 Adverse Action - The decision in CFMEU v Bengalla Mining Pty Ltd
P0040 Advocate’s immunity applies to settlement advice
P0041 Advocate’s immunity unavailable to legal practitioner who allegedly exaggerated expertise
P0042 Agent Stuck in the Middle
P0043 Agents' entitlement to commission
P0044 Agreements to negotiate - are they enforceable?
P0045 Agreements to negotiate: are they enforceable?
P0046 Albanese government’s rapid environment law reform agenda
P0047 Alert: Exploration concession for Queensland explorers
P0048 Alert: Impending changes to the Retail Shop Leases Act 1994 (Qld)
P0049 Alert: Property Occupations Act 2014 (Qld)
P0050 Alert: Queensland environmental compliance update
P0051 Amendments to the Retail Shop Act enacted in November 2016
P0052 An election gets the reform kites flying!
P0053 An insurer falls foul of a contractual deeming clause
P0054 Analysing Recent Developments in Relation to Risk
P0055 Analysing the musings of the Culture Vulture
P0056 Another hard lesson learnt courtesy of the PPSA
P0057 Another win for defendants in Australian shareholder class actions
P0058 Appeal allowed in PPSA retention of title decision: Update on Central Cleaning Supplies (Aust) Pty Ltd v Elkerton [2014] VSC 61
P0059 Appeal court holds firm on s 54 regarding jet ski accident
P0060 Appeal of jumping pillow decision falls flat
P0061 Application for costs successful – Material change of circumstances for mining lease
P0062 Application of 'Obvious Risk' and 'Dangerous Recreational Activity'
P0063 Applications for leave to extend limitation periods
P0064 Applications to extend limitation periods - Part 2
P0065 Apportionment of liability in claims involving solicitors and barristers
P0066 Are investigation reports subject to legal professional privilege?
P0067 Are security interests still yet to pique your interest? That’s about to change: Statutory review of the PPSA
P0068 Are you exposed? The new transfer of business laws
P0069 Are you jeopardising your insurance by inadvertently contracting out of proportionate liability legislation?
P0070 Are you personally liable? Lessons on environmental law and personal exposure
P0071 ASIC Consultation on New Compensation Requirements for Australian Financial Service Lice
P0072 ASIC guidance on annual financial reporting for public companies
P0073 ASIC upsets mining industry body
P0074 ASIC Wants Enhanced Disclosure from Unlisted Property Schemes
P0075 Assessment of damages for breach of contract
P0076 Assessment of dependency loss: Thornton v TransAir
P0077 Assessment of future economic loss and residual earnings capacity - Use it or lose it
P0078 ASX changes – should you use the front door or the back door for your ASX listing?
P0079 ATSB report on loss of separation event involving an Ayres S2R and an unmanned aerial vehicle
P0080 Attempted murder – host employer found liable for placing labour hire worker in peril
P0081 Australia vs United Kingdom: a comparison of data breach statistics
P0082 Australia’s New Year’s Resolution: Defamation Reform
P0083 Australian Federal Government reviews aviation safety regulation
P0084 Aviation Newsletter
P0085 Aviation Newsletter December 2009
P0086 Aviation Newsletter May 2010
P0087 Aviation Newsletter September 2008
P0088 Aviation Newsletter September 2009
P0089 Avoid ambiguity in empowering resolutions
P0090 Avoiding liability for poor workmanship – some best practice guidelines for appointing contractors
P0091 Bank Guarantees and Deeds of Release - tips to ensure enforceability
P0092 Bank Guarantees and Deeds of Release – tips to ensure enforceability
P0093 BCIPA Notes March 2011
P0094 BCIPA Notes May 2011
P0095 Be Careful of Warranties!
P0096 Be prepared for the Australian Privacy Principles
P0097 Beneficial Interests - Declare your Hand
P0098 Best practice tips for maintaining better property management files
P0099 Beware of misleading and deceptive conduct in advertising campaigns
P0100 Beware of requests for unnecessary information in job application forms
P0101 Beware of the ACCC: ACCC announces its Compliance and Enforcement Policy for 2015
P0102 Bouncing Back
P0103 Brave new world: technology assisted review
P0104 Breach of warranty of authority - what does a solicitor warrant in the course of a conveyancing transaction?
P0105 Bridgecorp - A Christmas present for Directors from the NZ Court of Appeal
P0106 Brisbane short term trading market for natural gas
P0107 Broad interpretation of section 54 of the Insurance Contracts Act continues
P0108 Brother v Brother: Case of the Red Bath Mat
P0109 Building Contracts - A Contractor's Perspective Part 1 as 2124 and Part 2 as 4300
P0110 Building Energy Efficiency Disclosure – Update on requirements for sellers and landlords of large office buildings
P0111 Building professionals caught in the cross fire
P0112 Business Interruption Insurance