Professional and Management Liability Gazette
(9th edition)

Professional and Management Liability Gazette (9th edition)

Carter Newell is proud to release the 9th edition of our Professional and Management Liability Gazette.

In this edition we consider recent decisions involving a wide range of professionals including brokers, building consultants, medical practitioners, solicitors & barristers, in addition to claims relating to policy interpretation and procedure.

In Johnson v Firth [2021] NSWCA 237, the New South Wales Court of Appeal considered whether a solicitor breached their duty of care by recommending a client settle his claim prior to obtaining medico-legal evidence in circumstances where the client was in a dangerous financial position. We also look at the apportionment of liability between building consultants for the design and construction of a building using non-compliant materials in Tanah Merah Vic Pty Ltd & Ors v Owners Corporation No 1 of PS613436T & Ors [2021] VSCA 72.

Aimed to provide our insurer, broker, professional and corporate clients with a succinct synopsis of recent decisions, we hope you find our 9th edition Professional & Management Liability Gazette a useful resource.

To view an extract of this Gazette, please click here. To request the full version of this publication, please send an email to [email protected].

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