Carter Newell has a unique culture that is supportive, energetic and encouraging.  Our culture is ‘open’, progressive, friendly and social - a perfect environment to progress and grow with the firm. Our 'One Team' philosophy encourages openness with each other. We seek ways to embrace opportunities while supporting and encouraging our fellow team members.

  • We offer a professional, supportive and ‘open-door’ environment
  • We provide a balanced and flexible approach to work, recognising we all have interests outside of work
  • We recognise and reward staff through our CN|Recognition Program
  • We participate in social and corporate team sports and activities, as well as charitable events
  • We recognise we need to also have fun along the way

We appreciate the benefits of diversity and the richness of varied experience brought to us by individuals who work here. Our Disability Support Program is a perfect example of the value we place on diversity in the workplace. This program provides employment opportunities for people with disabilities ranging from mild impairments to physical restrictions.

At CN we also recognise the different responsibilities and commitments our staff have outside of the workplace. From family to sporting commitments, we endeavour to assist in accommodating the individual circumstances of staff.

We offer a number of flexible working arrangements to support our commitment to a healthy work-life balance. Over 35% of Carter Newell employees have flexible working arrangements currently in place. Some of these include:

  • Reduced or part-time hours
  • Non-standard start and finish times
  • Job sharing with an early and late shift option
  • Working from home
  • Working casually to allow flexibility for university/school commitments
  • Leave of absence for overseas working opportunities and secondments
  • Paid parental leave including our working parents toolkit and coaching program for new mums
  • Study leave for approved courses

We conduct an attitudinal survey annually to gain insight into our culture and performance and to assist us to further maximise both cultural and employment practices. In our 2019 staff survey we achieved the following results:

  • 99% of staff are proud to work at Carter Newell
  • 99% of staff enjoy being part of Carter Newell  
  • 98% of staff say they are treated with respect at Carter Newell
  • 97% of staff say they would recommend working at Carter Newell to a prospective employee
  • 97% of staff believe that Carter Newell responds flexibly to the needs of individual staff 
  • 94% of staff believe the firm cares about their wellbeing

These results give insight into the type of culture we strive for and what you can expect as a Carter Newell employee.