Diversity & Inclusion

At Carter Newell, we know that success is driven through strength in diversity. We recognise that our people are what makes us successful, and by having a culture that cultivates and supports diversity and inclusion, we strengthen one another ensuring outstanding client service and satisfaction. 

Carter Newell’s Diversity & Inclusion Committee is well positioned with representatives from all offices, including 30% partner representation. The Committee drives the D&I strategy, in conjunction with our D&I staff survey, and develops inclusive initiatives and programs that give priority to a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Results from our 2021 D&I Staff Survey:

  • I feel I can be my true self at work – 94% strongly agree/agree
  • My direct supervisor demonstrates a commitment to and support of diversity & inclusion – 98% strongly agree/agree
  • CN enables me to balance my work and personal life – 96% strongly agree/agree
  • I am comfortable talking about my background and culture experiences at work – 98% strongly agree/agree

Managing Partner Paul Hopkins is currently on the Queensland Law Society Equity & Diversity Committee. 


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