Diversity & Inclusion

At Carter Newell, we know that success is driven through strength in diversity. We recognise that our people are what makes us successful, and by having a culture that cultivates and supports diversity and inclusion, we strengthen one another ensuring outstanding client service and satisfaction. 

Carter Newell’s Diversity & Inclusion Committee is well positioned with representatives from all offices, including 30% partner representation. The Committee drives the D&I strategy, in conjunction with our D&I staff survey, and develops inclusive initiatives and programs that give priority to a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Results from our 2021 D&I Staff Survey:

  • I feel I can be my true self at work – 94% strongly agree/agree
  • My direct supervisor demonstrates a commitment to and support of diversity & inclusion – 98% strongly agree/agree
  • CN enables me to balance my work and personal life – 96% strongly agree/agree
  • I am comfortable talking about my background and culture experiences at work – 98% strongly agree/agree

Managing Partner Paul Hopkins is currently on the Queensland Law Society Equity & Diversity Committee. 



Diversity Council Australia Campaign

Australia is at a turning point in the national conversation about sexual harassment and gender inequality. To make sure these conversations turn into action, Carter Newell have signed the Diversity Council Australia #IStandForRespect pledge.

By signing the pledge, we understand that the time to act is now. That sexual harassment is the business of every business.  We have committed to the two simple steps below:

  • Stand against gendered harassment and violence in all its forms
  • Commit to taking steps in their organisation to address sexual and sex-based harassment, to make the workplace safe for everyone

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