(Seminar/Webinar) Contract Disputes and Dispute Resolution Clauses

Mar 2022 | Insurance

In-House Advocate Brett Heath is presenting on the topic of 'Contract Disputes and Dispute Resolution Clauses' at the Legalwise Contract Law Conference on Wednesday 2 March 2022.

Brett's session will examine: 

  • Selecting the appropriate dispute resolution method
  • Drafting an effective dispute resolution clause
    • Should you always have one?
    • Should dispute resolution be mandatory?
    • The effect and enforceability of dispute resolution clauses
    • Example clauses & strategies for your contracts
  • How can you challenge a dispute resolution clause?
    • Common errors & weaknesses to attack


Wednesday 2 March 2022
4.30pm - 5.15pm



Sofitel Brisbane Central
Level 2, 249 Turbot Street
Brisbane 4000 QLD

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