(Webinar) Bullying Claims – Practical Guidance for Schools and Educational Institutions

Jun 2022 | Insurance

This webinar is the first in a three part webinar series that Carter Newell Lawyers will be presenting throughout 2022. These sessions will explore topics that are particularly relevant to schools and educational facilities.

In this webinar, Amy Gill, Special Counsel and Sophie Power, Associate will focus on bullying claims and, in particular:

  • Bullying policies and procedures and what should be in them;
  • The importance of following and enforcing bullying policies;
  • Practical guidance for responding to a complaint made by a parent or legal guardian about bullying of a student;
  • The importance of documenting bullying complaints and investigations into bullying allegations; and
  • Examples of court decisions in relation to bullying claims demonstrating what courts focus on and the compensation that has been awarded to claimants in litigated bullying claims.

To view this pre-recorded webinar, please register by clicking here. Following your registration, you will be receive a unique link to access the recording.