(Webinar) Property Management - Sight Unseen Legal Implications

Jan 2022 | Insurance

Special Counsel Andrew Persijn, is presenting at the REIQ Property Management - Sight Unseen Legal Implications on Monday 31 January 2022 alongside REIQ General Counsel Katrina Beavon for an examination of the risks involved in the rise of e-transactions in property management.

COVID-19 has changed the way things are done in property management. More and more people from the southern states and beyond who are moving to Queensland no longer feel the need to do a physical inspection of the premises they wish to rent.

The rise of visual apps and e-transactions means the whole process of rental inspections, paperwork and financial transactions can be done online. But does this raise any repercussions or insurance implications for property managers?  


Monday 31 January 2022
10.00am - 11.00am (AEST)

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