(Webinar) Legalwise: Drafting Agreements: Liability, IP, Restraint Of Trade And Settlement

Sep 2023 |

Brett Heath, In-house Advocate, is presenting at the upcoming Legalwise seminar event - The Drafting and Construction of Clauses in Commercial Contracts Which Seek to Shift Liability.

Brett's session will cover

  • Undertake a review of the recent developments in the law concerning the construction of commercial documents and, in particular, whether the “surrounding circumstances” might be invoked as an aide to construction
  •  Consider the import effect and application of indemnity and insurance clauses when drafting
  • Discuss the construction of ‘other’ insurance clauses, entire agreement, no representation and disclaimer clauses
  • Report on the proper approach to the construction of clauses which seek to curtail consequential loss


Thursday 7 September 2023
2.00pm - 2.45pm


Legalwise Webinar

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