Concrete Institute of Australia - Concrete Specifications

Sep 2015 |

The specification of concrete supply and performance can take many forms, from a simple verbal order to the detailed performance requirements of the concrete and constituent materials within complex contractual arrangements. Whether you are involved in any part of the concrete supply chain, from placer, principal contractor, contracts administrator, manufacturer, or specifier, the ramifications of  the specification will be pertinent to you.

The CIA is pleased to present Mark Kenney (Special Counsel) and Kyle Trattler (Senior Associate) who will discuss the contracting processes and pitfalls and relevant real life case examples and legal authorities that need to be considered with respect to concrete specification.

Taking place from 7.00am - 9.00am on Tuesday 15 September 2015, this seminar is aimed at early career lawyers, and will provide a valuable refresher to more senior practitioners and a basic introduction to insurance concepts for non-practitioners.

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