Employees behaving badly – the 'Myer Liar', vigilantes and the employees who cried 'wolf'

Aug 2014 |

In recent times, there has been media controversy over a person securing a high profile job using a fraudulent resume and a number of cases dealing with employees acting dishonestly, acting as vigilantes, injunctions over breaches of post employment restraints and numerous unsuccessful bullying complaints in the face of 'reasonable management action'.

In this session Stephen Hughes, Special Counsel and Lara Radik, Associate, will look at:

  • the 'Myer liar' circumstances and discuss legal perspectives on successful recruitment;
  • recent decisions on the Fair Work anti-bullying jurisdiction and what constitutes 'reasonable management action';
  • how to deal with vigilantes and would-be whistleblowers; and
  • recent decisions on post employment restraints.


14 August 2014, 07:30am - 09:00am


Queensland Law Society
Level 2
179 Ann Street


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A light breakfast will be provided.  Kindly advise dietary requirements.