Marketing & Selling: Keeping it Legal - Sydney

Oct 2014 |

Partner Tony Stumm will present at the 1st Annual Marketing & Selling: Keeping it Legal Conference presented by professional development specialists Television Education Network.

Marketers, advertisers and sales executives have to comply with a complex web of regulation, including privacy laws, the Australian Consumer Law, trade mark laws, State fair trading laws and so on; and the laws keep changing as marketing and selling practices keep developing as markets themselves change. This conference is designed to provide a practical, hands-on explanation of how these laws affect the ways to market and sell products.

There are restrictions on how you can advertise products and services, and the ACCC is ready to pounce. Presenting on Thursday 9 October, Tony's session - Advertising tactics: Staying out of Trouble - explains the advertising practices that are banned, and what the ACCC is looking closely for right now.

Specifically, Tony will examine:

  • Common types of false or misleading advertising
    • Untruths and half truths
    • Fine print and qualification
    • Bait advertising
  • Claims that require extra care
  • Claims about health benefits of a product
    • Claims about ‘premium’ products
    • Environmental, ethical and animal welfare claims
    • Claims about country of origin
    • Technological claims
  • Recent case studies
  • Advertising on social media
    • False testimonials
    • Case study: ACCC v Euro Solar

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