Practical Legal Ethics

Mar 2014 |

Nola Pearce, Special Counsel, will discuss Ethics in Practice during her session as part of the Legalwise CPD Compulsory Core Areas for All Lawyers. Nola will examine issues including recognising and responding to conflict, confidentiality, how to minimise the risk of a complaint and how to respond to a complaint from a client or the Legal Services Commissioner.

The Legalwise CPD Compulsory Core Areas for All Lawyers module will take place from 2.00pm on Wednesday 5 March 2014 at the Mercure Brisbane.

The session will incorporate professional skills, ethics and practice management.  Nola will discuss Ethics in Practice, during which she will examine:

  • Recognising the different types of conflicts and how they can arise
  • Responding to an allegation of conflict and the risks to consider when deciding whether to continue to act
  • Confidentiality: observing the absolute duty in the age of social media
  • Minimising the risk of a complaint: tips for dealing with an unhappy client
  • Responding to a complaint from a client or the Legal Services Commissioner

Nola is a member of the Queensland Law Society's Ethics Committee, which assists the profession and the Law Society in the development and consideration of lawyers' ethical rules of conduct. In 2013, she had a key drafting role in a small subcommittee who have written the first edition commentary to the new Australian Solicitors Conduct Rules - this publication will shortly be available to all Law Society members (and interstate practitioners), and Nola's role in this flagship publication reinforces her commitment to and thorough knowledge of lawyers' professional obligations.

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