Property Law Conference 2015 - Brisbane

Feb 2015 |

Bronwyn Clarkson, Partner, will be presenting ‘Options, Nominations and Assignments in Development Transactions’ at the upcoming Property Law Conference on the Thursday 26 February 2015. Her presentation will discuss:

  • Options to purchase
    • Key terms, including exercise
    • Rights to assign options
    • Nomination of different purchaser in option
    • Option fees
    • Multiple options
    • Stamp duty on options
  • Exercise of options
    • Exercise at different times
    • When is stamp duty payable
  • Sale prior to development
    • Introducing new JV participant
    • Outright sale
    • Option assignment and transfer
  • Duty implications

Bronwyn Clarkson is a partner in the Resources and Commercial Property team and regularly advises clients on a range of property transactions, including property joint ventures, commercial and residential developments, commercial and rental leases and pastoral and crown leases, as well as franchise and property sales/acquisitions. In addition, Bronwyn provides general advisory services and opinions to a wide range of medium-to large-sized organisations, commercial enterprises, publicly listed companies and industry organisations.

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