Injury Liability Gazette 9th Edition

Apr 2018 | Insurance

The 9th edition Injury Liability Gazette covers Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria liability and personal injury decisions under the categories of Animals & Livestock, Occupier's Liability, State & Local Authorities, Procedure, Schools and Workplace Law.

This edition includes a summary of Johnson & Anor v Hancock, which looks at an unsuccessful appeal against a judgement in which the plaintiff's husband, a gardener at the defendant's property, was killed after sustaining serious injuries when he fell down a concealed drainpipe. This edition also features the matter of Sanchez-Sidiropoulos v Canavan [2016] NSWCA 221 in which a school student was injured during a physical education warm up game.

As a premier legal service provider with one of the largest insurance practices in Australia, we are confident you will find our latest Injury Liability Gazette a helpful resource.

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