Injury Liability Gazette 10th Edition

Feb 2019 | Insurance

Carter Newell’s 10th edition Injury Liability Gazette provides a summary of topical decisions in the sphere of damages, negligence / occupiers’ liability, and sports and recreational activities.

This edition is aimed at providing a useful resource on cases relevant to insurance professionals. Of particular note is the decision of Metro North Hospital and Health Service v Pierce where the NSW Court of Appeal upheld the primary judge’s findings in which a plaintiff’s pre-existing epilepsy was considered a naturally deteriorating condition and damages were therefore reduced.

We also examine Wharekawa v AEA Constructions Pty Ltd; Building Partners Pty Ltd v AEA Constructions Pty Ltd in which the plaintiff was awarded over $1 million in damages after being struck in the head with a nail fired from an explosive nail gun operated by a worker on an adjacent construction site.

As a premier legal service provider with one of the largest insurance practices in Australia, we are confident you will find our latest Injury Liability Gazette a helpful resource.

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