Workplace Advisory Gazette 6th edition

Dec 2019 |

The 6th edition Workplace Advisory Gazette examines recent decisions relating to employee v contractor, sexual harassment, deeds / common law fraud, breach of fiduciary duties and anti-bullying. We also highlight a number of unfair dismissal cases decided by the Fair Work Commission.

Of particular note is Jeremy Lee v Superior Wood Pty Ltd t/as Superior Wood [2019] FWCFB 2946, in which the scope of a worker’s right to privacy in the digital age was put to the test. This case is quite topical given the increased use of technology within organisations.

We also examine Puszka v Ryan Wilks Pty Ltd t/as Ryan Wilks Proprietary Limited [2019] FWC 1132, in which an employee who become intoxicated at a work function was terminated for misconduct. In this case, the Fair Work Commission found that the employee’s drunkenness did not constitute a valid reason for dismissal, and there is a strong lesson for employers to carefully consider whether an employee’s conduct rises to the level of misconduct.

As a premier legal service provider with a specialist workplace advisory team in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, we are confident this edition of the Workplace Advisory Gazette will be a useful resource.

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Carter Newell Lawyers
December 2019