Professional and Management Liability Gazette 7th edition

Jul 2020 |

The Professional and Management Liability Gazette (7th edition) provides our insurance, professional and corporate clients with a synopsis of practical and noteworthy cases concerning liability of professionals, including those that would be covered under Professional Liability, Directors’ & Officers’ and Management Liability policies.

In this edition we examine decisions concerning defamation, policy interpretation, procedure, directors’ and officers’ liability and professional liability including solicitors and barristers.

Of note, we look at TPT Patrol v Myer Holdings Limited [2019] FCA 1747, the first class action judgment in Australia, which makes significant findings on market-based causation and reliance.

To view a copy of the Gazette, please click here. If you would like a PDF copy, please contact us by clicking here.

Carter Newell Lawyers
July 2020