Vegetation clearing laws – new essential habitat mapping

Dec 2018 | Planning & Environment

On 3 December 2018, the Queensland Government released a new version of the essential habitat mapping over South East Queensland in order to address the decline in koala populations.

In our article earlier this year, we reported on changes to the vegetation management laws which relevantly broadened the definition of essential habitat to include protected wildlife that is ‘near threatened’, in addition to endangered and vulnerable. The new mapping includes those areas reasonably believed to be essential habitat to reflect this legislative change.

The mapping of new essential habitat on land may affect whether clearing of native vegetation can be carried out under an accepted development vegetation clearing code and ultimately whether a development approval is required.  The mapping of new areas may also affect the outcome of an assessment by SARA of a development application for clearing against the State Development Assessment Provisions (SDAP). 

You can find out whether your property is affected by the new mapping by requesting vegetation maps for your property from the Queensland Government website. If you require advice on how the new mapping will affect the future clearing of your site, please do not hesitate to call Kelly Alcorn on 07 3000 8377.