Marc Walker
Marc Walker

Marc Walker

Chief Executive Officer

About Marc

As CEO, Marc has a pivotal role leading Carter Newell as an authentic, inclusive, and dynamic national law firm.

Reporting to the Board of Directors led by Chair Antonia Mercorella, Marc is responsible for guiding the firm’s strategic direction, fostering a culture of excellence, and driving sustainable growth and success.

A seasoned leader with a deep understanding of the professional services sector, Marc has a demonstrated track record of strategic leadership, and brings a wealth of experience from past roles, including significant national law firm positions as a COO, and in leadership of business development and pricing.

With expertise in executing strategies that enhance the value proposition and competitive advantage of the firm, Marc is motivated by working with the entire team to ensure that the firm’s strategic direction not only aligns with its vision, mission, and values, but also enhances them.

He is passionate about fostering a collaborative and inclusive culture that empowers and supports the firm’s people. Strongly believing that this collaboration across the firm is fundamental to operational excellence, he is driven to ensure that all individuals have a workplace experience that empowers them to play their part in delivering outstanding client outcomes.