QELA Seminar - Brisbane

Partner Kelly Alcorn will chair the upcoming Brisbane QELA seminar examining Land Valuation: The Case for Early Expert Engagement.

The Land Valuation Act and the Acquisition of Land Act often require hypothetical development scenarios to be considered. These scenarios provide the basis for valuations which are used to assess council rates & land tax as well as compensation arising from compulsory acquisitions. 

In complex matters, it is often necessary for a valuer’s opinion in respect of highest and best use to be informed by other experts. Town planning expertise is usually required, along with a range of other experts including traffic engineers, hydrologists and economists. 

Sound case management and the early identification of appropriate experts will ensure:

  • All parties involved in the matter appreciate their respective roles, responsibilities and expectations;
  • A case strategy is established early and tasks are allocated logically and sequentially;
  • Pivotal issues to the matter are defined at the outset;
  • The assessment of highest and best use is given adequate consideration by the appropriate experts;
  • Relevant sales evidence has been identified and analysed appropriately;
  • In respect of the Acquisition of Land Act, the scheme of resumption is addressed and it’s extent is defined;

QELA's panel of presenters will provide insights on common issues faced in respect of these valuation matters.

Speakers include David Purcell, Barrister-at-Law, James Hastie, Barrister-at-Law and Tom Walton, Director, Urbis Real Estate Advisory.

When: 3 May 2018

Time: 5.00pm - 8.00pm

Visit QELA to find out more and to register.