Cyber Risk

Carter Newell Lawyers is an award winning specialist law firm providing legal advice to Australian and international corporate clients.

Our cyber risks insurance team, Katherine Hayes, Partner and Greg Stirling, Special Counsel can provide advice in respect of claims arising out of data-security breaches, privacy breaches, cyber-attacks and ransom demands.

Our experience in this area includes:

  • Considering coverage of a claim for injunctive relief regarding publishing of alleged misrepresentations on an entity’s website.
  • Analysis of a traditional policy for an intellectual property claim that would otherwise have been covered by a cyber-risks policy.
  • Consideration of data-security breaches in the employment context.
  • Advising on indemnity issues arising from the electronic transfer of funds to fraudulent overseas suppliers.

Protecting your business from cyber risks is more important than ever and our team understands the emerging cyber related liabilities which pose a threat to any business with an online presence. We can provide advice with respect to:

  • Coverage and policy ramifications when dealing with a cyber-attack or ransom demand;
  • Responding to data breaches, both malicious and inadvertent;
  • Dealing with a hacking attack;
  • Compliance with legislative requirements; and
  • Policy responses to first and third party claims.

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