Property and Real Estate Gazette 1st Edition

Nov 2015 | Commercial Property

The inaugural Property and Real Estate Gazette 1st edition provides useful, practical and current information to the property and insurance industries and focuses on cases related to the formation of contracts, intention to create legal relations, misleading and deceptive conduct, negligence/ bodily injury, planning and environment reform, planning law, sale and purchase contracts and valuer’s liability.

Joining Carter Newell’s extensive suite of publications, this Gazette has been created by our commercial property practice in consultation with our internationally recognised insurance practice.

As a premier legal service provider, we are confident you will find the Property and Real Estate Gazette 1st edition a helpful resource in your daily operations.

To view the Gazette, please click here. If you would like to receive a printed version, please contact us by clicking here.

Carter Newell Lawyers
November 2015