Constructive Notes® - Missing links in the ‘Chain of Responsibility’

Government response to the risks posed by non-conforming building products continues across the various Australian jurisdictions, albeit with limited uniformity. The legislation and preliminary audit processes have been prompted primarily by two Australian incidents – the 2014 Lacrosse Tower cladding fire in Melbourne and the 2015 national recall of Infinity electrical cabling – and, more recently, the tragic Grenfell Tower fire in London in 2017.

Those events have reinforced the need to ensure that buildings are safe from the risk of the rapid spread of fire, with a particular focus on the installation of potentially combustible cladding products, whether during original construction or any later refurbishment.

We continue to monitor developments and legislative changes relating to Australian jurisdictions, and how they are addressing the risks created by non-conforming building products.

Our Guide summarises the Government response to date, and considers particular insurance issues concerning dangers posed by PE – ACP (Polyethylene core - Aluminium Composite Panelling) cladding in particular.

To view a copy of the Guide, please click here. If you would like to receive a PDF version, please contact us by clicking here.

Carter Newell Lawyers
December 2018